As long as the fountain mentioned here refers to the artificially designed fountain, its function is to increase the aesthetics and make people feel comfortable. As for the application of fountains in garden design, relevant persons in the Guangzhou fountain unit believe that doing so reflects the combination of dynamic and static.

In the modern garden landscape design, in addition to the general garden plant area, some water features will be designed, and fountains are often a good choice. The plant landscape is still life, and the fountain is water art. It is a dynamic water landscape. The combination of the two fully reflects the combination of dynamic and static, bright and lively, beautiful, and intoxicating. Adding dynamic water features to the garden design can not only beautify the garden, but also allow people to feel the negative ions of water in the air while watching, which plays a role in purifying the air, increasing the humidity of the air and reducing the ambient temperature, especially in summer Suitable for. From the perspective of ecological aesthetics, a fountain is an ideal garden landscape, so it is gradually being widely used in today's society. For more information about Guangzhou Fountain Unit, Guangzhou Fountain Equipment Company, and Fountain Equipment Manufacturer, please visit our website: