Entering the theme park, I gradually heard the sound of gurgling water, and under the decoration of the lights, it looked like a glowing jellyfish from a distance, and looked like a throne or fireworks ... you must guess what In fact, it is a fountain. Let Guangzhou fountain design company introduce the function of fountains for everyone!

Role one: decoration. Wherever the fountain goes, it can't help but decorate. The original purpose of building fountains in squares, parks, clubs, etc. is to decorate, to attract people, and to make the entire space look more beautiful. Today's fountains have a variety of shapes. At night, coupled with lights and music, it really makes people look intoxicated. The second role: dust removal. Since fountains are mainly water, and water can play the role of dust removal and suction, the purpose of building fountains in public places is to remove dust and keep the air fresh. Role three: cooling. From a physical point of view, due to the difference in specific heat capacity, the rise and fall of the seaside wall and land are slower, so the temperature in the place with water is relatively lower. Analyzing from such a principle, the fountain also has a cooling effect. For more information about Guangzhou Fountain Design Company, Guangzhou Fountain Equipment Company, and Guangzhou Fountain Unit, please log in to our website: www.lanzhuangmall.com