People praise the splendor of fireworks, but from an environmental perspective, setting off fireworks is not an environmentally friendly act. Therefore, the Foshan Fountain Design Company stated that, in fact, fireworks do not have to be made with gunpowder, but can also be achieved with water. In the distance, it is pyrotechnics, and in the near future, it is the reflection of the water column and lights.

   With the development of modern science and technology and the constant promotion of environmental protection concepts, pyrotechnic fountains have become more popular. Through the design of the shape, the fireworks fountain is no different from the real fireworks in appearance, but it is not possible to have a water column, and it is necessary to have lights to render the "firework" color. Therefore, after the embellishment of lights, the originally eclipsed water column suddenly became a burning flame, and it looked like a dazzling firework from a distance, which was unforgettable. For more information about Foshan Fountain Design Company, Foshan Fountain Design, Fountain Design Company, please visit our website: