Modern technology can always create many wonderful things, such as fountains. As a fountain unit in Guangzhou, we will show you a large fountain, feel its wonderland effect, and feel its fascinating.

Large fountains are common in some squares, theme parks, playgrounds, etc. Let's take a swing fountain as an example. The swing fountain is equipped with multiple rows of nozzles on the bracket, and the distance of each row is kept the same. The free swing of the lever is used to achieve the angle of the water column, as shown in the figure:


From a distance, if a pair of wings, combined with colored lights, the whole is shining, but it is gorgeous and charming like a fairy, truly "attractive." Sometimes we lament the magic of nature, but now we start to lament the superb human technology, a seemingly ungrabbable thing-water, can be so charming and lingering through technology. For more information about Guangzhou Fountain Unit, Guangzhou Fountain Design Company, Guangzhou Fountain Company, please visit our official website: