Huaihua Jingzhou Feishan Park Fountain Water Show Project Feishan Park is located in Feishan Village, west of Jingzhou County, Hunan Province, with an area of 106 hectares, an altitude of 720 meters, and a relative height of 426 meters. Feishan is a famous mountain in western Hunan. It has a long history and many historic sites. There are many temples on the mountain. For centuries, the incense has prospered. The Jinghu County New Theatre Feishan Park Central Lake Fountain Project, in order to create urban characteristics, enhance urban taste, build urban labeled landscapes, and highlight the local personality of Jingzhou County. Create high-quality projects and build a high-quality, modern central activity area. Jing fountain is built on the lake surface of Feishan Park in the new theater. The arrangement of circles and S-shapes, and the changing shape of the water shape, show the harmony between the people and the environment of Jingzhou, the unity of the natural environment and the beautiful myth. Let the world know Jingzhou and let Jingzhou go to the world. There are various performance elements such as super high main spray, digital running fountain, and water screen movie.